Classroom Simulator

Classroom Simulator

The RSP Rescue Ambulance Classroom Simulator represents a value packed scenario and simulation adjunct that provides EMS students and professionals the ability to practice and perfect tasks, procedures, and policies in an environment that represents the reality of the ambulance workspace.



Seven engineered-truss system interlock for stability. The truss system is approved by a licenesed structural engineer

Walls & Joints

Walls are 3/4” engineered Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with a high-pressure coating on exposed surfaces. The joints are patented two-part fastening system of extruded PVC to join and reinforce wall panels and corners. All joints are color coordinated to exterior walls. 


All construction is high pressure MDF laminated on exposed surfaces permanently attached to the interior


3/4” cabinet-grade plywood subfloor with color-coordinated, hospital-grade vinyl flooring

Electrical Wiring

Low voltage electrical. Automotive specified wiring and connections, insulated and enclosed in a protective loom. The connectors are automotive style with a rating at a minimum of 125% of the load. All connectors are mechanically crimped.


Six LED interior lights (3 over primary patient, 3 over squad bench). Side switches work independently from patient area.

Oxygen Outlet Supply

One Ohmeda-style quick connect outlet plumbed to exterior location for customer furnished compressed air cylinder.


Rhino coating lined bumper and diamond plated kick plates

  • Interior Storage Cabinets

    Interior Storage Cabinets

  • Action Control Station Area

    Action Control Station Area

  • RICO Suction Canister

    RICO Suction Canister

  • Disposable Sharps Container in Patient Compartment

    Disposable Sharps Container in Patient Compartment

  • Overhead IV Hanger

    Overhead IV Hanger

  • Exterior Code Lights (Red, Yellow, Green)

    Exterior Code Lights (Red, Yellow, Green)

Standard Options

  • Interior Storage Cabinets
  • ALS/BLS Basic Cabinet Shelving
  • CPR Seat with Inside Storage
  • Attendant Airway Seat
  • Squad Bench with Inside Storage
  • Action Control Station Area
  • Interior Lighting per KKK Specifications
  • Oxygen Outlet
  • RICO Suction Canister (Display Only)
  • Disposable Sharps Container in Patient Compartment
  • Overhead IV Hanger
  • Exterior Code Lights (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Locking Narcotics Cabinet
  • Protective Soft Edge

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Additional Options

  • 46" HD color Monitor
  • (4) Color Camera System in Ceiling - Resolution 720p
  • (4) HD Color Camera System in Ceiling - Resolution 1080p
  • Rear Entry Height 30"
  • Diamond Plate ALS Exterior Equipment Access Door
  • Diamond Plate Back Board Storage Access Door
  • Diamond Plate Exterior Accessed Oxygen Storage
  • Vacuum Pump for RICO Suction
  • Akro Bin Storage Containers
  • Additional IV Solution Ceiling Hanger
  • Air Compressor
  • Additional Oxygen Outlet in Ceiling
  • Flowmeter
  • Whelen LED Lights
  • Rollok Security Door
  • Ferno EXL Scoop/Backdoor Stretcher
  • Ferno/Stryker Gurney/Cot Mounting Apparatus
  • Ferno Gurney/Cot
  • Storage Doors

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  • Camera System in Ceiling

    Camera System in Ceiling

  • Diamond Plate ALS Door

    Diamond Plate ALS Door

  • Diamond Plate Back Board Storage Door

    Diamond Plate Back Board Storage Door

  • Akro Bin Storage Containers

    Akro Bin Storage Containers

  • Roliok Security Door

    Roliok Security Door

  • Ferno 35X Stretcher

    Ferno 35X Stretcher

Installed Simulators

Ambulance Simulators have been installed in over 200 locations spanning across 3 countries. Get yours today!

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Ambulance Simulators by Rescue Simulation Products are the best way for students and educators to observe students perform EMS tasks and protocols in a realistic environment!

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