Ambulance Simulator Provides New Learning Opportunities for Future EMTS and Paramedics

Dec 11, 2017 | News

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, MI. (WPBN/WGTU) — Future EMTs and paramedics in northern Michigan have a new tool that will provide them with more training.

Baker College of Cadillac has donated a full scale ambulance simulator to Munson Regional EMS Education.

The simulator works just like the inside of an ambulance, so that students feel like they are responding to real emergencies.

It features shelving, a jump seat, a bench and space for a gurney along with a window for instructors to watch students as they practice EMS techniques and protocols.

The program also uses a real ambulance for educating, but instructors say this simulator will take learning to the next level because of the more controlled environment.

“We can film the student and record the student and go back over those videos and they can watch themselves take care of a patient,” said Laura Criddle, the manager for Munson Regional EMS Education. “If there are any really good things that they do, they can say ‘Oh look this is what I’ve done’ and if there’s any area that needs improvement then they can also do that as well.”

Instructors will also be able to use a voice over feature in the simulator to demonstrate conversations between future patients and the EMTs or paramedics.

They hope to begin using the simulator next summer.