Affordability, Controllability, and User-Friendliness

Ben Clark Regional Public Safety Training Center
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My name is Chris Miller. I am a retired firefighter/paramedic and an EMS Educator. Last week the Rescue Simulation Products (RSP) personnel delivered and assembled one of their RSP Ambulance Simulator at the Ben Clark Regional Public Safety Training Center (BCTC) in Riverside, California as the result of a grant I was associated with. Working diligently with the administration and instructional staff of Moreno Valley College, Cory Brown at RSP personally delivered and, with the aid of his competent assistants, assembled the entire RSP Ambulance Simulator in a little over one day.

At BCTC over 500 EMS students a year will have access to this training adjunct. It is obvious this piece of equipment is up to that level to use, i.e., sturdy construction and realistic materials contribute to create an environment that, though completely controlled, will provide realism to “in ambulance” scenarios. Our RSP Ambulance Simulator will be used in concert with a human patient simulator and a video recording/playback system. RSP provides multiple options to facilitate the use of these other training adjuncts. The dimensions of the RSP Ambulance Simulator mirror the dimensions of an actual Type I or Type II ambulance patient area yet it fit into our current “portable” classrooms.

For realistic scenarios in the environment where paramedics and EMTs do allot of their clinical work, nothing comes close to the affordability,  controllability, and user-friendliness of the Rescue Simulation Products Ambulance Simulator. I highly recommend this product.