New ambulance simulator prepares Manatee Technical College EMT students

Nov 11, 2021 | News

During Michael Koczersut’s first Emergency Medical Technician Program clinical, he was faced with a real emergency involving a pregnant woman.

The woman wasn’t aware of her pregnancy, and Koczersut, a student in Manatee Technical College’s EMT program, was responsible for getting the woman on the stretcher and into the ambulance so they could rush her to Blake Medical Center.

Koczersut had just learned about safe loading practices using MTC’s new ambulance simulator. He found those lessons to be important in the real world.

He said if he didn’t have access to the simulator, he would have been a detriment to the first responders who were working with him.

“About an hour later, lo and behold, I see a baby being delivered,” Koczersut said.