STC Emergency Services Education Adds Ambulance Simulator

Oct 13, 2020 | News

Southeastern Technical College (STC) has introduced a new element to enhance the training of the students enrolled in STC’s Emergency Services Education programs. With the help of a grant, STC purchased an indoor ambulance simulator. The simulator has been delivered and is ready for use by the EMT and Paramedic classes.

The ambulance simulator will be used to add a higher level of realism to training scenarios. One of the most important aspects of the job for an EMT is knowing exactly how to perform their learned skills inside of an ambulance. It’s crucial that students understand how ambulance vehicles work and how to work safely while inside of one.

“The simulator will better educate students by taking them out of their classroom seats and giving them hands-on practice in the ambulance simulator before practicing their skills in the clinical setting,” explained Jim Jones, EMS Program Director. “The students can learn in a safe, realistic, and high-intensity environment.”